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orange is the new black.

This was the first leg of the journey in and around Utah. Bryce Canyon National Park, in all its Hoodoo glory, was the most beautiful landscape my youthful eyes witnessed. Nothing can do justice to actually being present in this environment - letting the sun hit your skin as it peaks out beneath the tall columns of weathered rocks, inhaling the million-year-old dust as your shoes kick it up off the ground, and existing among rock formations that throw you back thirty- to forty million years into the past. This is what it is to be standing under a hoodoo pillar. And on a side note, it really is this orange in real life.

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until you can’t see the horizon.

Keep going, and don’t you dare look back - not at anything, and especially not at anyone. Grow an exterior skeleton against your adversities/adversaries and keep going until you can’t see them, or the horizon.

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intensity in tent city.

I traded in a weekend at Coachella for a weekend in Nevada last year. I will never regret it.

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the wonder years.

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weekend warriors.

Played hide-and-seek with the sun at Half Moon Bay.

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